Accidents happen…be prepared

As much as we do not want to imagine what it would be like if an accident happened at work, it is the reality that these things happen on a daily basis across the globe.


The best you can do is to get into safety habits which have the potential to save your life when disaster strikes. For some a bad day at work is physically harmless, but for those who know that in their specific work situation a bad day could mean physical harm in case of an accident, there are precautions that can be taken to protect them from such an event.



Some find it a drag to comply to safety regulations but ultimately it could save your life. Even if it’s not a life-threatening injury you are being protected from, why take the chance and have to deal with injury?


Make sure you and your employees have the right gear for the job at hand. For head to toe protection visit Tradex International at 24 Harrington Road, Duncanville, Vereeniging today to see what we can offer you.


Remember your safety is our priority!

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