Why risk eye injuries?

An eye injury can occur really easily when people don’t wear safety glasses. Different causes are known, the most basic of which are flying objects like metal, glass or anything that manages to get into a person’s eye.


Tools can also cause eye injuries like when a welding helmet isn’t used when welding. Other eye injury causes could be caused by chemicals, harmful radiation or loose particles. You could also suffer a combination of these or other hazards.



It is important for workers and their employers to know what eye safety dangers are present in the workplace in order to utilize the right eye protection. Eye protection can range from prescription and non-prescription safety glasses to goggles, face shields, welding helmets or even full-face respirators.


There are also different lenses available like glass, plastic and polycarbonate. You need to make sure you buy the correct protection for the specific job at hand.


See our eye protection range at http://tradexsa.co.za/ppe-catalogues/protective-eye-wear-supplier or allow us to order the right item for you (please note most suppliers are closed during the holiday season and will only open in January 2020)


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