History of PPE: Eye Protection

Reportedly the first person to invent any form of eye protection was P.Johnson. He invented and patented the “eye protector” which used two layers of semi-opaque cloth.


The purpose of his invention was to protect the eyes of people who were exposed to bright lights such as firemen and furnace-men. The eye protector did unfortunately not protect against impact.


The first safety goggle was invented by the Julius King Optical Company in the United States. This was the result of Julius King (America’s first teacher of optics) developing a concern regarding industrial eye injuries. The industrial safety and eye protection department of King’s company developed the first set of safety goggles in 1909.

In 1914 American Optical compelled the industry to also provide prescription lenses inside safety goggles for workers whose sight have been impaired.


By 1935 Furnace Goggles and Melter’s Goggles were invented. 5 years later in 1940 American Optical published the first policy regarding optic safety for professionals in the industrial industry.


Nowadays you can find safety glasses in almost any shape and many safety glasses are now compatible with other safety gear. Many different kinds are available – some even have anti-fog coatings and advanced features

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