Hanging around? Fall protection for when it’s literal

There are two main types of fall arrest: general and personal. The general type refers to fall protection like nets which can catch a person falling, whereas the personal type refers to life lines and harnesses which are attached to the person.



In this article we have a look at personal fall arrest systems. The different types that fall under this category are: body belts, rope grabs, full body harnesses, suspension belts, chest harnesses, rope lanyards, web lanyards, cable lanyards and retractable lifelines.


Body belts are for positioning only and restrain the wearer when working in a hazardous position. This reduces fall risk.


Rope grabs allow for locking of the lifeline in case of a fall and allows for safe ascension and descent of the wearer.


Full body harnesses are used to stop the most dangerous falls


Suspension belts are used for work done while hanging and if the wearer needs to adjust their position vertically


Chest harnesses are used when someone needs to be retrieved from tanks or any narrow spaces. It is used where fall hazard is limited and does not include a vertical free fall.


Rope lanyards have elastic properties and are used as restraint against falling


Web lanyards are good for when the fall hazard is less than two feet


Cable lanyards can be used when the working environment is corrosive or warm yet should be combined with a shock absorbing system.


Retractable lifelines are used where the fall hazard is high and motility is needed.

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