Hearing protection? Sounds good!

When it comes to industries like the industrial industry, workers are often exposed to loud or continuous noises which can damage hearing significantly depending on the decibels of the sound and also the duration thereof.


Hearing is something that is important for a person to function optimally and should be considered an important type of protection to have. 


Just like with other types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), there are also more than one type of hearing protection. The first of which is ear-plugs. These are inserted into a person’s ear canal to protect them from the exposure of loud noises. This type of hearing protection comes in a wide variety of forms. It is mostly manufactured from PVC, soft plastic, silicone and Polyurethane


There are also ear-muffs, otherwise known as ear defenders. These are hard plastic cups which fit over the wearer’s ears and surrounds it. It is sealed to the person’s head by cushion seals. These usually exist out of plastic and sometimes have a metal head band. It also has a foam or liquid ear cushion.


Then there are canal caps/semi-insert earplugs, which have rounded heads that cover the entrance to the wearer’s ear canal. These semi-insert plugs usually have conical tips that are pushed into the person’s ear canal. Both types are convenient for situations where there is a need for the protection to be taken off and put back on frequently. Therefor these are recommended for use when the noise that the wearer needs protection from is intermittent instead of continuous. 


No matter which hearing protection you choose, hearing well for the rest of your life sounds good doesn’t it?

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