Looking at Eye Protection

Depending on your work environment, you could be at risk for various eye injuries. Your eyes are some of the most important body parts when it comes to daily functioning. The condition of your eyes can often influence your ability to perform optimally at work. 


Common eye injuries like foreign objects and chemicals in the eye can cause long term damage if not treated properly. Prevention is of course better than cure. 


There are different hazards in different industries that workers need to be protected from, therefor there are different types of eye protection. Besides for face shields (as covered in a previous post), there are also general safety glasses, laser safety glasses, chemical splash goggles and impact goggles.


General safety glasses should have side shields or it should be a single piece lens which wraps around the temple. These are not so effective in protecting the eyes from splashes and are the minimum level of eye protection required in a laboratory environment.


Laser safety glasses should be selected based on the laser wavelength and power of the laser light which it is supposed to protect the wearer from. These glasses are not as effective at filtering all light that could possibly enter the eyes as laser safety goggles are.


Chemical splash goggles should be worn in case a chemical splash or infectious substance has the possibility of reaching the eyes. These can also protect from impact of flying debris. 


Impact goggles protect only from flying debris. These often have ventilation holes which renders it ineffective when it comes to protection from chemical splashes, small debris and dust.


May this article assist in selecting the appropriate eye protection for your situation.

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