A time to work, and a time to rest

After an honest week’s worth of hard work and doing your best for your team, the weekend draws near with the promise of rest to tired bodies and minds.


The way a weekend is spent can often influence a worker’s performance at work during the week. That’s why it is important to have a balance between your social life over the weekend and resting. You can imagine that if you go out every night of the weekend, you will not be as rested and refreshed by the end of it. Whereas if you have a balance – say for instance you go out one night, but stay in and spend time with the family or relax and watch movies the other nights – you should be both satisfied socially as well as rested and refreshed. Drinking alcohol also increases the inflammation in a body, which hastens the onset of fatigue, hence it is a good idea to refrain from drinking it or control the amount consumed.


Good habits over a weekend can increase your ability to perform well at work and also delay the onset of fatigue on the job. You will find that going for hikes in nature is for instance healthier than a night out drinking. Find a place out in the countryside or at the mountains and find yourself a refreshed person come Sunday.


May everyone have a peaceful and restful weekend!

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