Tradex is now on Facebook & LinkedIn!

Social media have been compared to many things. It's increasingly popular and there are several more social media platforms than there used to be a couple of years ago. You get to choose which ones you like and which ones you don't or you could simply be found on them all!


Some say social media is like a tree that you plant in that you need to nurture your page as you would a growing tree - only not with water and fertilizer, but with good content and interaction with your followers. It is also said that social media is like cooking - you should always use fresh ingredients - only not actual ingredients but content in this case. Thirdly it is also compared to a party - most people keep going back to the person (page in this case) who cares about their experience and not just talk about themselves.


However you see it, any social media page needs its followers! As Mike Volpe said: "On its own, water does some cool things, but when combined with other compounds it enabled the evolution of all forms of life."


Just like water is great on its own our new pages are great, but it would be greater still with more followers (like water is with other compounds)! Follow Tradex on Facebook and LinkedIn by clicking on the links below:



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