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Safety clothing provides additional workplace protection to employees when all other safety measures are applied. 

When employers do not invest in the safety of their workers small accidents can slow the progress of production in the work place and basically keep some of the workers away from work, which can result in a loss of labour time and money or the employer.

Small wounds such as cuts, abrasions, burns and bruises can start small from a small chemical spill on the skin of the worker or a cut from a machine used during production, which can escalate into an infection to a large wound, which may become a serious illness for the infected worker.

Only if he or she had been wearing a safety garment such as a protective cover all in the workplace, such incidents could be avoided.

This article focuses on overall safety work wear, which Tradex International specialises in selling from various large and trusted brands, which when ordered in time from us they can be delivered straight to your door step.




coveralls are simple, comfortable safety clothing made from tough cotton denim or linen and are usually made from 100% cotton fabric that is tough enough to not allow any flames or chemicals to penetrate the garments a person is wearing.



People who work in hazardous environments, such as:

| Chemical and pharmaceutical workers

| Electricians and refinery workers

| Mechanics and construction workers



having the right protective clothes in the workplace is always necessary for every worker, regardless of the type of work environment you work in and the benefits of having a coverall on in the areas where they are needed cannot be over emphasized. 




They protect skin and clothing - They not only keep the person wearing it safe but they also keep dirt and stains away from dissolving through to the clothes the worker is wearing underneath.

They are warm – They retain heat radiated from the body and keep the wearer warm in the cold weather.

High visibility – Some coveralls are designed for the purpose of use in the dark or low light conditions. They normally reflect when illuminated by a light such as a headlight.

Specially Tailored – some coveralls are coated with special materials such as water repellent, fire proof coats etc.

Workplace uniform - some can be used as workers uniform and come in various colours and designs to recognise which sub-department the worker belongs to.

They are durable and light in weight.

They are affordable and can be easily replaced when the need arises.

They are easily washable due to the kind of fabrics they are made of.



Coveralls are usually chosen based on an employer’s own hazard analysis of his/her workshop, which determines the right garments for the potential incident exposures in a given work environment.


Below are the types of coveralls a worker can choose from during a purchase:

Work coverall – A pair of coveralls is normally used by the workers in the workplace.

Bib and brace – It has an additional piece of fabric on the chest and belly.

Waterproof coverall – It is used in wet weather

Flame retardant coverall – Mostly used in by firefighters.

High Visibility - Such high visibility coveralls are used by workers on the roads, rails and near cranes etc.

They are made of high visibility materials that come in different visible colours such as lime green, yellow, a bright orange and some are sewn with high visibility tape around the legs, hands and waist area.

Padded Overalls – They come with padding material covering on the inside for use in cold weather.

Disposable Coveralls – They provide the protection of standard coveralls without the hassle of having to decontaminate the suit.



Tradex stocks and sells a variety of coveralls which come in different sizes, materials and colours.

The following are the features a buyer of a safety coverall needs to look out for when purchasing the garments for their workers:


Pockets, Armhole Openings, Buttons and Sleeves – such features are always included in coveralls manufacturers.

A good manufacturer can design and produce your own style according to your requirements.

A simple Standard overall has only about two chest pockets and two back pockets.

Other considerations are to include colours of the coverall as different colours are appropriate for different work settings.




Choosing the right construction coverall involves two easy steps, which is;


1. Knowing the right features of a good coverall for your workers.

2. Locating the best source for the coveralls.


Buying the right coveralls starts with knowing exactly what you want. A huge function is where the coverall will be used and the type of work it will be used for.

Choosing a good coverall manufacturer actually means choosing a good coverall for your workers and the same process goes for choosing bad coverall manufacturer and you will also get a bad coverall as an end product.

Employers are encouraged to research the different types of coverall manufacturers that offer quality products on the internet before selecting the final three you have decided to purchase your garments from.

Identifying quality coverall manufacturers on the internet can make the process of selection and purchase a lot faster and easier.

Employers/buyers can check out website review posts of brands that produce safety coveralls and compare the review how other customers who have purchased the product experiences are of the brands products.


Here at Tradex we sell various coverall garments that are of quality material, are affordable and last long periods of time before the product can be replaced.


We sell the following types of coverall garments:

| Flame retardant coverall suits

| Conti coverall suits

| Reflective conti coverall suits

| Zero flame conti coverall suits

| Zero flame padded jackets

| Zero flame boiler coverall suits etc.


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