Three things your employees must never do with their safety gloves

Your employees' personal protective equipment (PPE) is vital to keep them safe. Without it, they're vulnerable to serious injuries.

The most common of which are hand injuries. This is because your employees constantly work with the hands and, when they use tools and machinery, it puts them in danger.

That's why you give them safety gloves as part of their PPE, But to ensure their safety gloves do their job, your employees must never do these three things with them...



Here are the three things your employees must not do with their safety gloves


1. They mustn't try to force them into the wrong hand.

It may sound like a simple thing, but if your employee accidentally tries to put his glove on the wrong hand, it could stretch and distort the shape of the glove.

This means the gloves will be baggy and clumsy to wear when working with tools. That makes them a health and safety hazard. 


2.They mustn't use their gloves as a clot

If your employees use their safety gloves as a rag to clean a surface, it might catch and tear on something. A torn safety glove won't be able to survive the tough use it gets and it'll just fall apart.


3.They mustn't leave their safety gloves lying around their workplace.

Your employees need to keep their gloves somewhere safe when they're not using them. This should be in a pocket or a locker. If they just leave them lying around, they'll go missing or get damaged.

Always ensure your employees know they mustn't do these things with their safety gloves so they stay in good condition. It's the best way to keep your employees' hands safe.



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