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A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever for families, friends, communities, and co-workers too. Human loss and suffering are immeasurable. 

Occupational injuries and illnesses can provoke major crises for the families in which they occur. 

Any business knows that employee attrition and absenteeism can be major obstacles.

If an employee gets injured at work due to the firm’s safety negligence or the employer not being able to provide safety equipment can become a very painful and costly process which may take years to be resolved.

When you as an employer create a healthy and safe workplace, you reduce such issues in several ways. The information below can help you identify which safety products can help you save lives and money.



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Hard hats are helmets used in various workplaces, such as industrial firms and construction sites, they are often worn to protect your head from permanent, life-changing injuries or even death.

They are highly recommended by employers or firms who work with highly abrasive and dangerous equipment daily, as they prevent the workers from the shock of suffering from any hard falls, impacts by sharp or blunt objects.



Hard hats are made from durable materials such as metal; fibreglass and rigid plastic.

Hard hats are designed in different colours and shapes, which play significant roles that symbolise the duties of each individual in an industrial workspace from company to company.

Take for example a hard hat that comes in a white colour, it is often said individuals that wear these hats are often managers, architects, engineers, foremen and supervisors and the colour green signifies a safety inspector, although sometimes new workers in an industrial site are also identified with green helmets.

if you are looking to start your own construction company and have selected people to work under certain designations and do not know how to identify which role is played by whom placing each workers role under a certain colour helmet will help you identify where in the work groups do they belong.



OSHA regulations are the rules and regulations that all industrial firms must abide by daily. they mandate specific requirements for head protection in the work place.

The OSHA standards require that all workers to wear hard hats when there is a potential for head injuries in any open or closed work environment. Such injuries can be an impact from a falling or flying object and an electrical shock.

Employers who employ people who work in busy or produce high volumes of dangerous materials must make sure that they always provide their workers with protective wear and coverings.



Hard Hat Types: There are two types of hard hats that define the area of the head that is protected.

1. Type I offers protection to the top of the head and is commonly used in the United States

2. Type II offers protection to the top and sides of the head and is commonly used in Europe


The following provides details on how a hard hat should do for you when performing heavy operational duties in the workplace.


In general, protective helmets or hard hats should do these four things for you:

| Resist penetration by objects.

| Absorb the shock of a blow.

| Be water-resistant and slow burning.

| Have clear instructions explaining proper adjustment and replacement of the suspension and headband.


Hard hats must have a hard-outer shell and a shock-absorbing lining that incorporates a headband and straps that suspend the shell from 1 to 1 1/4 inches (2.54 cm to 3.18 cm) away from the head.

This type of design provides shock absorption during an impact and ventilation during normal wear.

Protective headgear must meet ANSI Standard Z89.1-1986 (Protective Headgear for Industrial Workers) or provide an equivalent level.


Did you know that like any other product which has been used for a longer period, hard hats need to also be replaced? 

Yes, Hard hats must be replaced if they show signs of damage (dents, cracks, penetration, or fatigue due to rough treatment).

 These signs show that your hard helmet has sustained a number of hard falls on it and that it is no longer able to protect your head from any occurring injuries. 



It is essential to inspect hard hats for damage and signs of fatigue each time they are used. 

In addition to visual inspections, another way to test a hard hat is to grasp it with two hands and apply force by squeezing the hat.

If you hear creaking or other unusual sounds, it is time to replace the hard hat.

While OSHA has no specific provision for an expiration date, manufacturers are allowed to determine if their equipment expires on a specific calendar date. 

In line with an expiration date, a generally accepted rule is to replace the support strap yearly and to replace the hard hat every five years.


Harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures can make a hard hat degrade more quickly. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for guidelines on hard hat replacement and maintenance.

A hard hat may also expire if OSHA adopts more rigorous requirements. It is essential to regularly check OSHA standards for changes that may require your PPE to be updated.

In the industrial and construction industries head injuries account for 9% of all injuries to workers, that’s roughly 252,000 head injuries.


Wearing a hard hat is the best way to ensure that you are safe at all times whenever you are at work.


Here at Tradex, we sell various hard hats that vary in colours and are suitable for any kind of job role that each individual play and the different work environment you as an individual works under.

Whether you are working indoors as an industrial firm worker, or outdoors as a construction worker, your safety takes first priority to us.

We sell strong, quality safety helmets that are guaranteed to last you over a period of five years.


The following types of hard hats are available in our Store:

| Full brim hard hats

| Standard hard hats

| Bump caps

| Nikki hats

| Accessories


Visit our website to view our categories of safety helmets and more.

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