Hand in glove...Literally

Depending on your working environment, you may need gloves as part of your protective outfit. It is however not enough to just get any gloves... You need to assess your working situation and find out what type of glove will be best suited for you. This will depend on what kind of elements you need protection from. 


What are the aspects that you need to keep in mind if you are the one to decide what gloves are to be used at work?


  • | First and probably the most important aspect is identifying what substances you would need to handle. Do you need protection against chemicals, cuts, electrical currents, or what?
  • | Identify secondary hazards - these would be chemicals, substances or dangers which are not directly attributed to your work, but maybe there is something in the environment around you that you may need additional protection against.



  • | Also keep in mind how you would be in contact with the aforementioned dangers and hazards
  • | Once you have all these things figured out, you can decide on the size of your chosen glove and the comfort level required while doing your job


Despite the different categories that safety companies use to organise their hand protection, the basics remain the same. It remains the end user's responsibility to ensure that they choose the correct glove.

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