Brand Focus: Bronx Safety Footwear

Bronx shoes has been a well-known and loved brand for a long time. Remember Bronx school shoes and how tough they were?


Well this Brand Focus is for the Bronx Safety Footwear range. This range is divided into the following two categories:

  • | Workman's Boots
  • | Crossover Range


The Workman's Boots range has a 200 joules steel toe cap with different work boot styles, whereas the Crossover range all have composite toe caps and styled more like casual men's shoes.


Depending on the work you will be doing while wearing these shoes, you will be able to choose what style of shoe you want to wear.


As quoted from the Bronx Safety website, the following sums up Bronx Safety Footwear: Bronx Safety Shoes are designed for fashion conscious individuals who also want quality and comfort. While our safety footwear may be fashion forward, it retains every aspect of functionality that our customers have come to expect from Bronx.



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