Brand Focus: SiSi Footwear

Women working... This phrase often brings up an image of women working in an office setting, but what of the women who work on sites with men?


This is where SiSi footwear comes in... You can imagine that unisex or male shoes do not fit the female foot as well as a shoe that was designed specifically FOR females. SiSi bridges this gap.


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Through extensive research and consultation with women in industry, Sisi offers a range of women’s safety wear that challenges the status quo that one size fits all. With an understanding that not all women are the same, we have a range of footwear extending across 2 sole shapes, tailored for women with narrow, and standard-shaped feet.

Single Density

Manufactured with direct injection-moulded single density polyurethane, this range offers affordable comfort for use in lighter industrial environments.


Dual Density

Manufactured with direct injection-moulded dual density polyurethane, this ranges offers durable protection in heavy industrial environments.



Complementary products that improve the comfort to the wearer and enhance the longevity of the footwear.



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