Introducing the Ergos 2Plus Arc Visor

This welding visor is quite something! Now welders get to let go of the annoyance of constantly taking off their welding helmets while they are working.


Yes, you read that right. Dromex has brought us the Ergos 2Plus Arc Visor which have been designed with Real View technology which allows a welder to keep it on while doing other jobs in between welding.


It has the following features

  • | Increased worker safety be cause of REAL VIEW of work environment
  • | New generation of face protection against the thermal hazards of arc flash
  • | Realistic colour reproduction >95%
  • | Protection against high-speed particles: medium energy impact (B)
  • | Extended length visor and transparent chin guard
  • | Optimised weight balance and no time limit durability
  • | Fitted with a universal bracket for use with front brim arc rated hard hats according to EN50365 or EN 397 standards
  • | Available in 12 cal/cm2 & 26 cal/cm2


The arrival of this visor also has the potential to lower the amount of times that a welder forgets to put their visor back on - hence eye injury rates can go down!


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