Brand Focus: Bova Shoes

As you can imagine there are different kinds of safety shoes for different uses. Bova has a range of different safety shoes for specialised uses.


Bova Safety Shoes are divided into the following categories:

  • Lightwear
  • Heavywear
  • Extremewear
  • Paramilitary



The Bova shoes you will find under the lightwear category are further divided into the Executive range and the Utility range. The executive range are shoes which are still fittingly formal to wear to the office, but also good for the occasional site visit. The Utility range are good for light work environments - not so much for boardroom meetings.


Heavy Wear

The shoes under the Heavywear category are typically the tougher shoes suited for heavier demands such as work in the industrial industry. This is also divided into more categories. These categories are the Activ range, Core range, Cut range and the Trax range.


The Aktiv range is metal-free and designed for comfort. The Core range is entry-level safety shoes, also good for bulk purchases. The Cut range is, as the name suggests, a good defence against cuts and abrasion. That leaves us with the Trax range which is specifically designed for comfort for workers who are on their feet all day.



These boots were designed with superior protection in mind for the harshest (hence "Extreme") work environments. These shoes are divided into the PU/Rubber Range and Rubber/Rubber range. The PU/Rubber range are made for use in hazardous conditions, whereas Rubber/rubber range are designed for protection in extreme conditions.



These shoes are suitable for security operations. These are divided into the Canvas and Leather ranges. The Canvas range is shoes made with breathable canvas for security personnel. The leather range are strong and durable leather boots.


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