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Lemaitre is a very well-known and trusted brand when it comes to work shoes. Today we have a look at the different types of soles Lemaitre shoes have and what they are good for.


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Raptor Sole - Torsion Control

The Lemaitre Raptor range, with torsion control, provides the perfect fit for environments where uneven terrain is prevalent, such as construction and agriculture.

Whether on the ground or traversing scaffolding or ladders, the built-in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plate available in the midsole of some of these safety shoes and boots are designed around the pressure points exerted on the arch of the foot and assists in giving the foot added support and control. Keep hard-working feet safely secured in Lemaitre’s range of torsion controlled safety footwear.


Apollo Sole - Slip-Resistance

The Lemaitre Apollo range, with SRC slip-resistance rating, offers maximum slip-resistance, perfectly suited for environments where slip potential has been identified as high risk.

From petrol stations, to kitchens and hospitals, this range is designed to provide maximum surface contact ensuring maximum grip. The square cleat edges and flow lines in the cleat design of these safety shoes and boots can traverse any surface area to maximise the slip-resistance effect. Let hard-working feet stay firmly on the ground in Lemaitre’s range of slip-resistant safety footwear.

Maxeco Sole - All-round Safety

The Lemaitre Maxeco range, with built-in arch support, is designed for all-round safety in the presence of general working hazards and is ideal for working environments with varying terrain, such as agriculture.

The soles offer a geometrically designed tread pattern to displace water and allow for the easy extraction of mud. Allow hard-working feet to step with ease in Lemaitre’s range of all-round safety footwear.

Parabolic Sole - Comfort & Anti-Fatigue Support

The Lemaitre Parabolic range, with a thick polyurethane midsole, provides extra comfort for workers who spend long periods of time on their feet in industries such as manufacturing.

The parabolic curve in the sole adds “spring” by absorbing the wearer’s mass. Discomfort is further eliminated by the deep cleats and air movement channels preventing heat dissipation through the sole. Treat hard-working feet to Lemaitre’s range of comfort inspired safety footwear.

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