Possibilities of Smart PPE

Smart PPE is undoubtedly one of the best and most exciting developments in the PPE industry


There are so many possibilities when it comes to wearable technology, that you can not help but wonder how much more developed the world can get.



What possibilities are we looking at?



Smart safety eyewear has the potential to ensure a higher access rate to data and could also help enhance communication between workers. Depending on which sensors are added, the idea is to provide information from data sensors and documents to the person wearing it via a display in the corner of the lens. 



Using meta sensors, these helmets can help evaluate situations and provide information. It can detect collisions, sudden immobility and free falling. This could lessen the response time in case of an accident. 



NFC chips could be added in safety gloves to be able to access information using a phone or tablet. Access to machinery and work areas can be monitored more efficiently. Exposure to chemicals can also be determined which will help to reduce risk and ensure that the correct type of glove is being used.



We have all had a slip somewhere in our lives... wouldn't it be nice to have your shoes warn you if there is a slip risk before it even happens? Smart safety shoes would do just that.



This could incorporate gesture control to eliminate the need to remove gloves to work with a screen. This would in turn lower contamination and exposure risk.


While these may not be the only functions that smart wear will be able to fill, there are still many developments that will need to take place before the world of smart PPE truly expands

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