Fall protection maintenance

Fall protection harness maintenance consists of two basic elements: storage and cleaning. Besides for the work related wear and tear, this will make the biggest difference in how long your harness lasts.


When it comes to storage, the best practices are:

  • | Hang the harness - it should not get tangled, bent, crushed, stomped on, or torn by people or objects
  • | Make sure you do not store it in an area with direct sunlight or close to a heat source
  • | Store it somewhere secure, where somebody else can not just use it and cause damage to it without you knowing


Cleaning should be done regularly, with the following guidelines:

  • | Do not soak the harness and lanyard
  • | Do not use chemicals containing bleach, chlorine or abrasives
  • | Use a damp sponge with warm water only to wipe away dirt and grime from the straps and buckles
  • | After this, use soap and water to create a lather on the straps
  • | Use only dish soap or laundry detergent
  • | Remember: NO SOAKING!
  • | Wipe the harness and hang it out so that it can dry
  • | Do not use a washing machine or dryer
  • | Keeping the harness fiber safe is key


Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your fall arrest harness, if you find that cleaning day comes and you do not have the time that day, you can also quickly use an anti-microbial spray to disinfect it

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