Fitting your harness correctly

Inspecting your harness before you put it on is very important in order to ensure that it is safe for use. After you have done so, you can now proceed to fit it correctly.


These are the steps to do so:


Step 1: Initial organisation

  • | Make sure that all latched buckles are undone
  • | Find the dorsal D-ring where the lanyard will later be attached, and hold it in front of you
  • | Shake the entire harness in order for the various straps to fall into place


Step 2: Initial fit

  • | Put your arms through the shoulder straps just as you would when putting on a jacket, with the dorsal D-ring being between your shoulder blades and facing outside
  • | Ensure that the webbing over your shoulders is not tangled
  • | Don't fasten any straps just yet
  • | Ensure that the sit strap sits just below your buttocks - if it does not, you can adjust this by using the buckles on the front of the shoulder straps
  • | The leg straps should be of equal lengths


Step 3: Leg straps

  • | Pull the leg straps through your legs and ensure that its webbing is not tangled
  • | Join the left leg strap to the left buckle from the hip, and the right leg strap to the right buckle from the hip
  • | The straps can be adjusted to make sure that it is close-fitting but comfortable
  • | Make sure that the leg loops are the same length



Step 4: Chest strap

  • | Now you may fasten the chest strap and make sure that it is close-fitting enough so as to not have the shoulder straps come off
  • | Also make sure it is not too tight so that the webbing that goes from the shoulder to the hip is as straight as possible
  • | The chest strap should, as the name suggests, rest across your chest


Step 5: Waist belt (if applicable)

  • | If your harness has a waist belt, you need to fasten it and adjust it so that it is close-fitting yet comfortable
  • | As the name suggests, the belt should be resting just above your hips at your waist


Step 6: Comfortability & double check

  • | Make sure your harness sits comfortably, yet tight enough. You can use the rule of thumb for 4 fingers to be able to slide between the body and the straps
  • | Make sure nothing is twisted, misaligned or any buckles disconnected
  • | Also tuck away loose ends of the webbing by using keepers
  • | Have a co-worker check your fitted harness to make sure that you have not missed anything


Fitting your harness correctly could save your life, a wrongly fitted harness could cost you your life. In the next article we will be looking at how you can inspect your harness before fitting to make sure it is not damaged and it is fit to be used

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