How to be protected from asbestos exposure

Ideally you should stay away from asbestos, it is simply not worth the risk it poses.  If you do need to be in contact with asbestos for some or other reason (perhaps as a professional who needs to remove asbestos), then the following is recommended...


Recommended protective wear when working with asbestos:

  • | Respirators with HEPA filtered cartridges (colour coded purple)
  • | Safety goggles or glasses
  • | Disposable Coveralls
  • | Disposable Gloves
  • | Disposable Shoe covers
  • | Rubber Boots



Other safety measures:

  • Decontamination - Wash any and all tools and equipment before leaving the work area. Wash clothes (even though you wore disposable overalls) and shoes.


When it comes to asbestos no safety measure is too much. Remember that most illnesses only show symptoms years after the exposure have occurred, so you may "feel fine" but already have inhaled small asbestos fibres 

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