The dangers of asbestos

Asbestos occurs naturally on every continent around the world. It's fire resistance and durability made it a popular material to be used in different products.


It has however come to the world's attention that asbestos is a very toxic material which has lasting negative health consequences for those exposed to it.

These consequences often only manifest about 20 to 30 years after inhalation of asbestos particles but is very deadly indeed.


Exposure to asbestos is associated with the following diseases:

  • | Asbestosis
  • | Mesothelioma
  • | Lung Cancer


Asbestos mining and production have since been banned throughout most of the world although nations such as Russia, China, India and Mexico still commonly use products containing asbestos.



Types of asbestos products:

  • | Asbestos pipes
  • | Asbestos Fireproofing
  • | Asbestos Felt
  • | Asbestos Insulation
  • | Asbestos Sheets
  • | Asbestos Textiles
  • | Asbestos Vinyl Products

and many, many more...



The problem that exists at the moment is due to products and buildings which were created before the ban - still contaminating the air.


Asbestos particles, even those that are too small to see, are simply impossible to break down by the human body which in time causes illnesses which are a death sentence for the most part.


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