Preventing Industrial Explosions

While being aware of the possible causes of industrial explosions is a good step forward, it is not enough in itself.


Action needs to be taken with regards to these possible causes as covered in the previous article Main Causes of Industrial Explosions.


Here are a few pointers that can help:

  • | Combustible dust
    • dust might not be possible to eliminate completely, but it is essential to ensure it does not accumulate to a dangerous level by following a regular housekeeping schedule
  • | Hot work
    • Follow proper safety procedures when activities like welding, torch cutting, brazing, burning and soldering are being carried out
    • Avoid hot work if possible
    • Proper training for employees
    • Make sure that the work space is clear of materials which are combustible or flammable
    • Implement a written permit system when it comes to hot work projects, even where permits aren't usually required
    • Make sure that someone trusted is supervising the work or supervise the work yourself
  • | Flammable liquids and gasses
    • Be aware of the hazards and safety information for any and all liquid on your premises. This information can be obtained by reading the material safety data sheet (MSDS) which comes with these products
    • Proper storage of flammable liquids
    • Keep ignition sources as far away from flammable liquids and gasses
    • Provide sufficient personal protective equipment
  • Equipment and machinery
    • Good cleaning and housekeeping regimes
    • Proper and regular maintenance
    • Awareness of what a machine sounds like when it runs properly will help you identify if something is wrong inside the machine



  • Electrical Hazards
    • Make sure wiring is not exposed and is up to standard
    • Ensure outlets are not being overloaded
    • Ensure circuits are not overloaded
    • Minimise the use of extension cords
    • Static discharge


There are certainly more things that can be done to help prevent industrial explosions and fires. It is recommended that you educate yourself on your work area and what else you can do to prevent it.

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