Main causes of industrial explosions

Explosions and fires in the industrial industry are a relatively common occurance worldwide, and can be fatal. 


It is good to be aware of different factors that can either cause an explosion or contribute to an eventual explosion or fire


Here are some explosion/fire risk factors:

  • | Electrical Fire hazards
  • | Flammable liquids and gasses
  • | Compressed gasses
  • | Hot work (welding, grinding etc.)
  • | Faulty equipment & machinery
  • | Hazardous Chemicals
  • | Improper maintenance of machinery
  • | Malfunctioning or dangerous equipment
  • | Corrosion that is not detected or addressed
  • | Careless smoking of cigarettes while on the premises
  • | Boilers that are not maintained properly
  • | Use of dirty or impure chemicals
  • | Failure to property train employees
  • | Failure of supervisors to ensure that employees are complying with federal safety regulations


Some people may work in an environment where they are not aware of the risks involved, which could in itself be a risk. That is why proper training is important

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