Preventing dust explosions

Knowing that dust explosions are possible and could be fatal is not enough. You need to take preventative measures to ensure your work environment has as little as possible risk of this occurring.


First you need to determine whether or not the dust in your work area is combustible. Most dusts are.



Besides for this, you can do the following:

  • | Regularly clean the work environment - make sure all surfaces especially the hidden ones are included when cleaning
  • | If you make use of dust collectors - position it outside rather than inside the building
  • | Ensure proper control over ignition sources - such as no smoking zones and no fire zones
  • | Make sure employees are trained and aware of potential dust hazards and how to eliminate it
  • | If a vacuum cleaner is used in the cleaning process, make sure to use only approved vacuum cleaners for dust collection in hazardous conditions
  • | Make sure all equipment is well maintained - equipment in bad repair are often the cause of a dust explosion
  • | Make sure that the electrical equipment in use is approved for your hazardous conditions


Whether or not your work environment are at risk of dust explosions, good housekeeping is always a good idea. The more thorough the better

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