5 Ways to protect when working in windy conditions

We all know there are added hazards to working in windy conditions, but what can you do to protect yourself and others?


These are 5 ways to protect yourself and others (sometimes you just need to set the right example) when working in windy weather:


  • | Wear eye protection

This will prevent any dust and other particles from being blown into your eyes. This in itself protects you from eye injuries due to particles getting stuck in your eyes, but also from secondary hazards which could affect you due to not being able to see properly.


  • | Dress warm enough

Windy conditions increases the risk of hypothermia (potentially fatal drop in the body's internal temperature), so making sure you are dressed warm enough will protect you from this.


  • | Be wary of unstable structures

Steer clear of things like unstable walls or stacked items which could blow over onto you.


  • | Don't ignore tarp covered structures

Although the structures or stacks may be protected by the tarp from blowing off individually, the tarp could still be caught in the wind and pull down the whole stack or structure.


  • | Railings are there for a reason... Use them

Some stairs or walkways are already tricky without adding wind to the mix. Using handrails is wise not weak! A person can accidentally become unbalanced on a normal day without wind, so much more so when it is windy.


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