Conveyor belt safety

Automation is one of the marvels of modern technology. Some may say that the invention of the conveyor belt was the start of automation some years ago.


Although the conveyor belt design has improved significantly since the first time it was used, it has also increased the possibility of accidents occurring and the severity thereof. People have lost hands, arms, been scalped and some have died in conveyor belt accidents.




Improving conveyor belt safety and rules surrounding the operation thereof is of utmost importance. Not only is it a gruesome and traumatising event to be involved in or witness a conveyor belt accident, it is also a horrible death when the outcome is such.


There are some basic rules which can make a great difference and lower the probability of these accidents such as:

  • | No climbing on top of conveyors in any position (sitting, standing, walking or anything else)
  • | Check conveyor controls frequently to ensure it is in proper working order
  • | Do not wear baggy clothing, loose long hair, jewelry, lanyards or any other loose items around the conveyor
  • | Installing conveyor guards can be the best investment in employee safety you will ever make. When you do, ensure on a frequent basis that these conveyor guards are correctly placed
  • | Be aware and cautious of pinch points
  • | Should any safety concerns or potential safety concerns arise, be sure to inform management
  • | Be sure to have tag-out/lock-out procedures in place and ensure that staff know they are obligated to follow these at all times
  • | Only authorised staff should be allowed to operate and maintain the conveyor
  • | Never clean around the conveyor while it is in operation


You can also address employees or fellow employees regarding the risk involved when working with or around a conveyor belt. Remember that it is human nature to become oblivious to dangers of certain equipment even if (and sometimes especially when) the person has worked with it for a long time. Ensure workers are mindful of the dangers involved.

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