Reducing Warehouse Safety hazards

As mentioned in the previous article on warehouse safety hazards there are different potential workplace hazards. But what can we do to try to eliminate or minimise these potential hazards?


Here are a few tips:

  • | Only allow employees who have a license and training to operate vehicles or equipment
  • | To lower the risk of slips, trips and falls there are several things that can be done like washing the floor with anti-slip soap, implement an anti-slip safety-shoes only policy, etc.
  • | Declutter the warehouse on a regular basis
  • | Make cleanliness a priority
  • | Educate employees on safety awareness
  • | Put up safety signs where there is a need for it such as close to the electrical supply etc.



  • | Educate employees on proper lifting techniques to avoid injuries caused by lifting heavy items wrong
  • | Make sure the proper PPE is available to employees and that they know how to use it
  • | Promote safety awareness in the workplace
  • | Implement safety rules
  • | Service equipment regularly to lower the risk of injury due to malfunction
  • | Replace racks and shelves which are old and unreliable


These are some of the things that can be done to improve safety in a warehouse setting. It is however a good idea to have formal regulations in place

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