Warehouse safety hazards

Working in a warehouse can be hazardous if the proper safety measures are not implemented. It is however easy to lose sight of these measures especially when the warehouse gets busy or people fall into the "it has always been this way" attitude.


There are various different reasons for hazardous conditions in a warehouse. Some of which are the following:


  • | Unsafe vehicle & equipment operation
  • | Slip, trip & fall hazards
  • | Poor shelves & racking arrangements
  • | Poor pallet stacking
  • | Lack of PPE
  • | Lifting incorrectly
  • | Fire hazards
  • | Electrical hazards
  • | Harmful chemical exposure
  • | Lack of proper safety protocols
  • | Shortage of safety education & training
  • | Poor workplace ergonomics
  • | Lack of safety awareness
  • | Lack of appropriate signage
  • | Poor housekeeping


It is important to be aware of the potential hazards and make sure that employees are aware of it too in order to avoid it as best you can. 



In the next blog article we will be looking at ways to reduce warehouse safety hazards

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