Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

A number of occupations will require you to use equipment like chainsaws, jack hammers (concrete breakers), hand held grinders, hand held sanders, hammer drills, power drills, and  more that have the potential to cause hand arm vibration syndrome if used frequently by one person.


It is important to remember that occasional use of these kinds of items does not pose much of a threat but if these items are used every day it is certainly better to protect against the possibility of developing Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).


What is HAVS?

It is a condition called Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome which is caused by exposure to equipment that transmits vibrations to the worker's hands and arms.


What forms of HAVS are there?

HAVS can present itself by symptoms like a loss of grip strength, carpal tunnel syndrome (painful wrist), pins and needles, severe pain and numbness or white fingers (due to damage to the blood circulation system).



These symptoms can be caused by damage to the muscles, bones, joints, sensory nerves and as mentioned above the blood circulatory system.


How to reduce the risk of developing HAVS

There are anti-vibration gloves available to wear when using equipment which can lower the risk of developing HAVS. You can also use the equipment for shorter periods of time. Rotating jobs with workers is a good idea to lower exposure time. Equipment should be maintained properly as failing to do so can also cause it to vibrate more intensely.



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