Embrace Safety while embracing health

With South Africa currently on Level 4 of lockdown we are allowed to jog, walk or cycle between the hours of 6AM and 9AM - within a 5km radius of where we live. A lot of people have embraced this but it is also important to keep safety in mind. 


The following tips will help you do so safely:


| Take a friend with you while still adhering to social distancing rules
| Don't take the same route every day - make your route unpredictable to an outsider


| Face oncoming traffic - do not turn your back to it
| Wear something bright so that you are visible to drivers
| Don't leave your house unlocked, take the key with you
| Keep your ID and phone on you - in case you need to call for help or you are unable to do so


These are just a couple of tips to help you stay safe while you also stay healthy

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