General Workplace Safety Hazards – 4

The fourth safety hazard is one that doesn’t always come up as a workplace safety hazard, but it is an important one to mention.


Workplace violence is yet another workplace safety hazard that has been on the rise. It can be divided into 4 categories. These are from customers/clients, colleagues, criminal intent and the last being personal relationship. The last one is more prominent amongst women.


What you need to do in any of these cases are first and foremost to stay calm. In the most severe cases you need to look for a possible escape route. If escape isn’t possible find a hiding place where you will not be trapped if the violent individual finds you and barricade the door.



You can usually not predict an attack but you can be aware of people’s behaviour whether it be your colleagues or a client who might be exhibiting aggressive or passive aggressive behaviour.


Behaviours to look out for where possible includes the following:

  •  | Resistance to changes in the company or continuous behaviour regarding unfair or perceived unfair treatment
  •  | Emotional reactions to criticism
  •  | Mood swings
  •  | Paranoia
  •  | Depression, withdrawing from personal relationships or suicidal verbalisations
  •  | Change in behaviour 
  •  | Lowered work performance


These are just some of the behaviours to look out for and could help you to prevent workplace violence if issues are addressed which could have triggered the changes

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