General Workplace Safety Hazards – 1

The first of 7 general workplace safety hazards involve each person’s own management of their sleep which can leave people vulnerable to safety issues.


The average adult needs at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. As we all know, your psychological state can often affect your sleep. You also need to manage your after-hour interests and hobbies to make sure that it does not affect your sleep patterns and ultimately your work performance.



You might have realised that as the day goes by you start feeling a bit less sharp than you did around 10 AM in the morning. That is fatigue, and it sets in faster the less sleep you get.


The problem with fatigue is the following:

  • As fatigue increases the average employee’s safety performance decreases
  • The likelihood that you will be involved in a car crash becomes three times more than normal
  • Constant deprivation of sleep can also cause things like cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression to name but a few



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