General Workplace Safety Tips – Tip 9

Unlike some other workplace injuries which are more industry related, a trip, slip or fall could happen at any workplace. 


These types of accidents can lead to injuries varying in severity from bruises to concussions and bone fractures or more severe injuries.


The following can be implemented at your workplace to contribute to the prevention of these accidents:


  • | Wear slip-resistant shoes
  • | Use “Wet Floor” signs when the floor is being mopped
  • | Inspect the work environment for trip or slip hazards
  • | Make sure the lighting is adequate in the different areas of the workplace
  • | If something is spilled make sure it is cleaned up immediately
  • | Maintain the work environment by making sure it is cleaned regularly
  • | Remove any items that may cause a trip or fall from the walkways
  • | Do not stand on things like chairs with wheels or uneven surfaces


These are just a few things you could do to lower the risk of slip, trip and fall accidents in the workplace.

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