General Workplace Safety Tips – Tip 7

Lucky number 7 today - This tip's subject is in connection with your emergency exits. Most places have these marked, but whether or not it is marked make sure that you know where the exits are.


However far it is in your power you need to keep the emergency exits easily accessible. When an emergency occurs it is often the fastest to head for the emergency exit. It is best to keep all emergency exits obstruction free, so make sure that no furniture or equipment block any exits. This will ensure a quick evacuation whenever necessary. There is no telling when an emergency arises - remember nobody actually plans an emergency, so make sure these exits are accessible at all times.



Also make sure that alarms and fire extinguishers are not blocked from emergency access. Fire drills are a good way to prepare the employees for a possible emergency situation. This should be in your company's Emergency & Evacuation Plan.



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