General Workplace Safety Tips – Tip 6

Tip number 6 is something people don’t often think about when the subject of safety at work comes up. It is however important to keep it in mind.


Preventing heat stress is tip number 6. There are different categories of heat issues which can arise. Things like heat cramps, heat exhaustion and the worst of them being heatstroke. The accumulative name for these issues is “heat stress”.



To help prevent heat stress you can take the following steps:

  • Take breaks in cooler areas with shade, and take regular breaks. If you have access to fans or air conditioning, make use of these to stay cool. Hardhats with vents and neckbands which have been drenched in cold water can also help. 
  • Hydrate your body before you start a specific task. Drink up to 500ml of water, and up to 250ml (1 cup) every 20min during the task.
  • You can also drink flavoured water if normal water isn’t so appealing to you, but make sure the amount of sugar is low. It is also said that normal water can cause workers to drink less of it since it quenches thirst very quickly.
  • Wearing thin and breathable clothing can also help, loose-fitted and light in colour also helps. Try to avoid synthetic clothes because it doesn’t support the evaporation of sweat
  • You can also implement a system where co-workers monitor each other’s conditions while on the job.


It is still important to keep your PPE on regardless of what the temperature is… Remember that your PPE can not protect you if it is not on you!

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